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Office Maintenance

Office Maintenance MJ Property Management ("MJPM")  is committed to becoming one of the top facilities maintenance companies due to our top-quality service, certifications acquired and exceptional teams. At MJPM, we focus on making the operation of our clients’ working environment as smooth as possible. Our teams of highly-skilled and experienced technicians work professionally and efficiently to [...]
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Property Advisory

Property Advisory International organisations setting up a new office in Hong Kong can be very challenging. As it may take a significant amount of time and effort in researching and understanding the commercial property market & choosing the right office location. MJPM understands how difficult it is, so we are here to help and provide insight. [...]
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Office Design

Interior Design & Renovation Services MJPM has great experience in Grade A offices interior design, with an emphasis not just on the working environment, but also enhancing work productivity and the interaction between people. We have a strong sort out design team that have studied and traveled all around the world. Their professionalism and the [...]
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IT Solutions

IT Solutions In the modern commercial environment, corporations require efficient and effective IT solutions to meet their fast-changing business needs. However having an in-house IT team may not be the most cost efficient way for IT issues that may only happen once or twice a week. MJPM's IT solution team offers a wide variety of [...]
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