Your Trusted Design & Build Company

Your Trusted Design & Build Company
With more then 20 years of design and build experience up our sleeve, MJPM is a reputable office interior design and build company in Hong Kong.
MJPM is well known for bespoke international office designs and local expertise, focusing on enhancing the relationship between space and life.
Each project represents meaningful impact to create the next generation of better workspaces.
We strive to differentiate ourselves from other companies by providing unique, one of a kind office designs, that enhance the relationship between work and space.

Our designs are far from traditional and created with flexibility and adaptability in mind to accommodate todays volatile working climate.
With our vast experience, rich resources and connections in Hong Kong, MJPM provides a full turnkey solution, we offer complete office design, construction and project management services for commercial spaces in Hong Kong including office reinstatement.
Our Core Value
MJPM core values are the fundamental building blocks of our company. Integrity, excellence, professionalism, innovation commitment and dedication to our customers is a precise representation of what you can expect when working with us.
Our Vision
We create impact through space design. At MJPM, we strive to provide the best customer service and experience because we believe workspaces matter and building successful long-term relationships with our clients is important.
Our Strategies
Any kind of office design and build project is stressful and complicated without the proper skillset and information. At MJPM, we make this transition as smooth and effortless for our clients as possible. We take care of the entire project from interior design, renovation, project management and completion. All our projects have a 6 month warranty.
Each Project Is Unique
Office Design & Build
MJPM interior office designs are customized to your needs. Our designs compliment the way our clients work and were created to make a positive impact through space design.
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Each Project Completed For Peace Of Mind
Office Reinstatement
Experts in office reinstatement services for all kinds of commercial rented premises in Hong Kong
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