Workplace Office Designs

Workplace Office Designs
Jan 4 2022 | Office Interior Design and Build

Workplace Interior Office Design

Workplace office interior design are transforming the way we work. To remain relevant, having an aesthetically pleasing working environment will most certainly have a positive impact on a number of factors from concentration to engagement, as well as increased productivity. Most recently there has been high demand for innovative, thoughtful, and sustainable office interior design ideas from our top clients. Among other things,

There are a some points of important information that will help decide the right office interior design service for your project. Prior to starting, understand the following.

  • Calculate a budget. 

    Knowing what you’re able to spend will help narrow down the level of office design you’re able to incorporate. We often ask our clients at our first office design meeting, “what’s your budget for this office interior design project?”. This bench mark will help us create a design that works for you within a budget that fits you.

  • Set a project scope. 

    Understanding the size and involvement of your project is important. Will it be a furniture and office refurbishment upgrade or a complete office renovation?

  • Know your timeline. 

    Undergoing an office interior design project can affect where and when your employees are able to work.  Ensuring clear and transparent communication allows office designers to commit to your timeline so business operations is affected as little as possible.

Design studio’s and architecture firm’s need to be innovative and creative to create modern office spaces that are unique and relevant. Work spaces require 3 main areas which include office space, public space and private space for maximum productivity.

Discover different office designs of the same room, see how our interior office designers can turn a blank space into a creative and meaningful workspace.

Workplace Designs

Premium Office Design Service

luxury interior office design
Premium office interior design
Office Design Service

Wall feature one – Wood grain laminate on the walls with metal trimming details and light features. The material cost and labor needed to install power for the lights will increase your expenses.

Wall feature two – Wall paper with patterns and of good quality (you know the stuff that doesn’t peel) will be more expensive then plain wall paper.

Tailor made shelving – Design and made to fit the room perfectly so that you can utilize every inch of space, Its high cost is due to the man hours needed to customize and make the design, don’t forget the material and delivery cost.

Premium furniture

Good quality carpet

Use existing ceiling panels

Floor Skirting for a polished finish.

Needless to say, a premium budget allows for sophisticated office designs that are unique and customized. Refined details, polished finishes, luxury furniture will speak for itself. However this is rarely the case in todays cost sensitive market.

Workplace Office Design Service

Interior office design idea
Mid range budget office interior design
Office design

Using acoustic panels as a wall feature instead of laminate is more economical as the material is cheaper then laminate. It has a variety of different styles and colors that can add dimension to a design. Sound management is critical because it impacts both worker productivity and the ability to secure private conversations in today’s fast-paced workplace. Spaces of focus are crucial in an open office design,  acoustic panels don’t only improve productivity, it also adds interest and dimension to the workplace design.

A simple low TV cabinet uses less material then tv cabinets with tall shelving units. They can make the space look open and spacious. Add in the back lighting and black ceiling skirt to elevate the design.

Good quality Carpet

We use 2 different colors of wall paint instead of wall paper. Wall paper is undoubtedly more expensive then paints.

Use existing ceiling panels

Floor skirting for a polished finish

Middle range budget office design will allow for high quality finishing’s with a few added luxury items that can elevate the entire look to a premium level. Workplace designs within this price range are still highly relevant and are usually preferred among co workers as these office designs project a sense of casual comfort for users. Something that resembles familiarity.

Budget Friendly Office Design Service

Interior office design ideas hong kong
Low budget office interior design
Budget Friendly Office Design

White board used instead of feature wall

2 different types of wall paint to segregate parts of the room

Economical furniture

Simple custom made tv cabinet without ceiling skirting or side shelving

Backlight on the TV wall to elevate the design

Use existing ceiling panels

Good quality carpet

Floor skirting for a polished finish.

Tight budgets does not mean poor quality and basic workplace designs. Professional office interior designers will be able to see a variety of possibilities to keep each office design relevant yet budget friendly. There are a large variety of materials and finishes that are widely available on the market to satisfy the creative minds.

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No matter the budget, office interior design has endless possibilities.

Professional office interior designers have unlimited creative methods to reflect each companies unique corporate culture. Workplace Designs should be driven by human behavior no matter the budget.

Contact us for your next office design project, or just say hello to get some ideas. We are happy to help

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