Office Interior Design Ideas In Hong Kong | How To Determine Your Office Design.

Office Interior Design Ideas In Hong Kong | How To Determine Your Office Design.
Jan 7 2022 | Office Interior Design and Build

Office Interior Design Hong Kong

Here are office interior design ideas that will make your office timeless for offices in Hong Kong. Offices these days are more then a place for employees to come to work and see clients. Its a place where ideas are generated and connections are made. Its a place that inspires creativity and encourages natural learning.

Today’s offices need an variety of different spaces that are designed to

  • Be multifunctional and can be used for different purposes
  • Evolve over time and adaptable to different situations
  • Encourage collaboration and connectivity
  • Induce confidence in employee privacy
  • Encourage employee productivity and boost moral
  • And recently their has been focus on designing offices that prevents and reduces the spread of disease.

As you can see the idea of an office has truly evolved into an ecosystem of spaces for employees to live, work and play.

When planning a new office fit out, the style and user density need to be decided. How will the office be used? When will the office be at its fullest capacity? consider the impact the office design will have on employees and organizational work styles, in addition to focusing on cost.

Determine your interior office design

Office Interior design for tech company, startup, or just starting to develop a corporate office | Hong Kong

These companies generally have a open-office floor plan that has a variety of seating styles and arrangements. Money can be saved through reduced furniture purchase and renovation. Depending on tech needs costs could increase.

Interior Office designs for these companies involve team work areas and event spaces for conferences or large group meetings. Seating involves large capacity seating such as lounges or benches. The work dynamic is significantly different from traditional style offices. Users are not assigned a specific seat rather they are allocated “hot desks”. The seats are allocated based on activity, encouraging employees to select the best workspace for the task at hand.

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Interior office design for standard office user or corporate offices that values space efficiency | Hong Kong

These office designs are similar to technology firms and start ups, they have fewer private offices. This reduces renovation and furniture costs. The floor plan would include around 10% enclosed offices and 90% open floorplan. There would be a mix of conference rooms and two – four dedicated teamwork spaces.

A combination of designated workstations on an open floor plan and limited private offices creates a balance of traditional office dynamics. Yet the space is still efficient and encouraging team work through collaboration workspaces.

These office layouts can leverage the benefits of activity-based working, efficient floor plans and office privacy to varying degrees.

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Interior office design for traditional office users in Hong Kong

These include Law firms, traditional financial companies, and companies that value privacy.

In these offices there is a high number of private offices which leads to increase furniture expenses and renovation cost. The floor plan will be private office orientated with distribution about 30 percent enclosed offices and 70 percent open floor plan and minimal bench space. Promoting privacy over teamwork. The design also includes several conference rooms and one dedicated collaboration space.

This layout has the lowest space efficiency compared to other office styles, low-partitions at workstations and bench seating can encourage collaboration.

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What Level of Interior Office Design Does Your Budget Allow?

Economy Interior Office Design Renovation

Designed on a low cost budget, with finishes focused on function and practicality. Space contains basic yet professional technology and aesthetic design. This type of finishing is professional yet cost efficient.

Average Interior Office Design

Increased project complexity, taking into account upgraded lighting, cabling and design features. Average quality materials and details. Has medium to high class finishing and furnishings has a professional outlook, without the luxury additions.

Premium Interior Office Design

Complete project design with emphasis placed on top-quality finishes and space improvements. Aesthetics and details are key to this design. High end, high quality, premium finishing’s, luxury furniture and first-class outlook.

Adaptable Office Design to Prevent Spread of Disease

A properly designed office with careful planning can prevent the spread of disease. Office fits-outs with flexible furniture and operable walls creates spaces that are multifunctional and adaptable to different climates. Workstation layouts can be designed to decrease the spread of disease. Giving occupants peace of mind. Creating a design that encourages foot traffic to one direction decreases possibility for cross contamination. Its these office design details that increases human performance and saves money on operational costs.

Contact us for more information on how to implement office design to decrease the spread of disease. Find more information on ways to increase wellness at your workplace through your environment here.

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Interior Office Design That Is Timeless

Fit-out costs are continuing to rise. Evolving corporate culture and everchanging climate means that designing spaces with flexibility and adaptability in mind will lead to a good return on a new fit out.

By designing an office that withstands turbulence and a changing environment you are monetizing your fit out to replacements tenants when your lease expires, hence generating savings on reinstatement obligations. To learn more, refer to the Agrey office reinstatement guide here.

Reach out to MJPM Design and Build, if you would like anymore information for your office fit-out.