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Office Maintenance

Office Maintenance

MJ Property Management (“MJPM”)  is committed to becoming one of the top facilities maintenance companies due to our top-quality service, certifications acquired and exceptional teams.

At MJPM, we focus on making the operation of our clients’ working environment as smooth as possible. Our teams of highly-skilled and experienced technicians work professionally and efficiently to provide clients with a clean and safe working environment.

There is no job too little or too large for us to cater, please feel free to contact us for a quotation.

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MJPM provides complete facilities maintenance services including the following:

Tailor made furniture

Looking for a particular size bookshelf / table that fits in your office but cannot find it in your office? or for other special purpose?
Our product design team may be able to assist you in tailor making furniture that fits in your requirements.

MJ Property Management - MJPM Office Maintenance Custom Made Furniture
MJ Property Management - MJPM Office Maintenance Polishing Marble Products

Maintaining & polishing marble products

There is a common misconception that since marble is a stone it does not need any maintenance, but the truth is that all marble needs some certain type of care.

Our specialists provide a wide range of maintenance & polishing services for:

  • marble floor
  • marble table
  • marble wall
  • solid surface material

Lighting problems

Our guys are perfect for simple jobs such as changing light bulbs, while our qualified electricians can also deal with more complicated work such as replacing switches or sockets

MJ Property Management - MJPM Office Maintenance Lighting Problems
MJ Property Management - MJPM Office Maintenance Repair Floor Door Closers & Hinges

Repair floor door closers & hinges

The office doors cannot close properly?
Our well-experienced technician may be able to help repair the floor door closers & hinges in your office. They have more than hundreds time install and repair door closers & hinges.

Rearrange workstation

Our service team can assist in rearranging workstation components. Such as moving your current desk top setting to a new one, connecting the new workstation to the office network, and othe cabling.

MJ Property Management - MJPM Office Maintenance Hanging Artworks

Hanging artwork

Whether our clients have a particular art paint or lots of small pictures that need to be aligned carefully and mounted on a wall, our stuff can take care of this for you securely and accurately.