Workplace Wellness and Sustainability

Workplace Wellness

At MJPM we work with WELL Accredited practitioners in workplace wellness and design, to bring a sense of wellness, health and belonging to employees. MJPM works with an in-house WELL AP to guide your company to successful WELL certification award. If WELL accreditation is not your final goal, we can help create and tailor your Workplace Wellness program to suit your needs. MJPM aims to design’s spaces that foster creativity and support people’s physical, mental, social well-being therefore increasing business profitability and success. The people are the heart of the firm and we create spaces that put people first.

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The choices we make right now have a direct impact on the future. We integrate sustainability practices and manage them through each and every phase of a project.

We do our part to protect the environment and the future, with each project :

-We partner with Charities and NGO’s

-Donate furniture, appliances and supplies to orphanages and schools locally and internationally

-Construction material is disposed of responsibly

-Re-useable material is recycled

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