Workplace Wellness | WELL Certificate

Workplace Wellness | WELL Certified Office Hong Kong

At MJPM we work with WELL Accredited practitioners to build WELL certified spaces. Spaces that have achieved the WELL certificate are healthy spaces, that optimize human performance and employee productivity. By being WELL certified, you will be distinguishing yourself from the rest and labelled as leaders.

MJPM works with an in-house WELL AP to guide your company to successful WELL certification. We can help you achieve Silver, Gold or Platinum WELL Certification.

With a simple gap analysis that only takes 10 minutes we can determine how far your current space is away from achieving WELL Certification. We can help you bridge the gap and find simple, cost effective methods to achieve WELL Certification.

If WELL Certification is not your final goal, you can still utilize the WELL framework principals to enhance your workplace. MJPM aims to design’s spaces that foster creativity and support people’s physical, mental, social well-being therefore increasing business profitability and success.

Through space design and education we create workspaces that not only look good and are functional, they are also healthy. The people are the heart of the firm and we create spaces that put people first.

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Become a WELL Certified Office and be acknowledged and recognized as leaders.

We are a environmentally friendly company

MJPM office reinstatement projects ensures there is as little waste as possible for each project. If it can be recycled or reused then rest assured we will find a home for it. At no extra cost to our clients!

The choices we make right now have a direct impact on the future. We integrate sustainability practices and manage them through each and every phase of a project.

We do our part to protect the environment and the future, with each project :

-We partner with Charities and NGO’s

-Donate furniture, appliances and supplies to orphanages and schools locally and internationally

-Construction material is disposed of responsibly

-Re-useable material is recycled

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