Office Design and Renovation Cost Per Square Foot Hong Kong 2023

Office Design and Renovation Cost Per Square Foot Hong Kong 2023
Jan 16 2023 | Office Interior Design and Build

MJPM has provided a office renovation cost guide per square foot to recognize the current changing climate. As of late the trend for office renovations have been changing. Companies are looking to re-evaluate their floor space while expanding their workforce. To give you a starting point, an office design and build project can cost per square foot can range from 600 to 1500 dollars per square foot, depending on the level of sophistication of design . The types of office design are further discussed below.

Office design trends in Hong Kong have been heading towards permanent hybrid working. MJPM has been working with clients to create the ideal hybrid ecosystem. This is a delicate balance of collaboration areas and space for focused work.

Due to the tight living conditions in Hong Kong, WFH has its challenges. When in the office, employees prefer a focused working environment, however they also need spaces that allow for easy collaboration.

Types of Interior Office Designs

Generally, Interior office designs are classified into 3 categories.

Essential – These offices have assigned workstations only, and are supplemented with collaboration spaces. A pantry with all the essentials and generic meeting rooms.

Combined – Assigned workstations combined with hot desks and an extended collaboration area. Their are a variety of meeting rooms.

Sophisticated – Most of the workstations are not assigned. Multi purpose pantry and break out area that can be used as a flexible workspace. A variety of meeting rooms and collaborations spaces. Wellness rooms, resting areas, library and relation areas are present.

Hong Kong Office Interior Design and Renovation Cost Per Square Foot 2023

MJPM Hong Kong office interior design and build project cost guide per square foot are estimated costs that are indicative of averages based on certain assumptions and recent project activity.

Exact costs for projects may differ to those presented here, please reach out to MJPM Design and Build
on precise costings based on your individual office design and office renovation requirements.

Office interior design and renovation cost per square foot can range from 600 to 1500 dollars per square foot. The office interior design and renovation cost will eventually be determined by the type of office interior design  and build ie essential , combined or sophisticated interior office design.

Additionally, this office renovation cost guide also covers restacking costs per square foot.
When companies are looking for ways to update and modernize their office environment but at a lower price point than a office restacking is a great option.

office renovation cost per square foot.

Project Design And Build Services

We deliver high quality, modern, new and flexible designs. High profile firms are ditching the traditional designer studios  that lack cost management expertise. Instead they are choosing MJPM to create their next office. They know with MJPM Design & Build they will get something different that can help them maximize their floor space without giving up design or quality.

MJPM Design and Build Services – We provide a turnkey solution.  

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