Office Interior Design - How To Calculate Office Renovation Cost In Hong Kong

Office Interior Design - How To Calculate Office Renovation Cost In Hong Kong
Jun 7 2022 |

Office Renovation Cost Hong Kong

Calculate Office Renovation Cost Hong Kong using MJPM office renovation cost guide below. Office renovation cost can vary anywhere from $500 – $1200 per square foot. Final office fit out cost depends on the type of renovation and building grade. Typically, companies will choose between these three renovation classes, Economy, average or premium renovation. A Grade A building with premium renovation cost will be between HK$600 – $1200 per sqft, for instance.

Office Renovation Cost Is Determined by Renovation Class

Premium Office Renovation are high end, renovations. They are high quality and have premium finishing’s. The furniture is luxury and a first-class outlook.

Average Office Renovation has medium to high class finishing and furnishings. Usually with a professional outlook and does not have the luxury additions.

Economy Office Renovation  is professional yet cost efficient and has average finishing’s.

Calculate Office Renovation Cost Hong Kong

The price summaries are estimated per square foot. The below prices are approximates. Reach out to MJPM Design and Build for exact office renovation cost and we will be happy to give you a free quotation.

MJPM Design and Build Office renovation cost estimates – please note, these are guidelines and should be used for reference only.

Office Renovation Cost Guide | Hong Kong

The most expensive office renovation cost for a Grade A building with sophisticated office design and luxury office renovation will cost HKD$600 -$1500 per sqft.

Office renovation cost for a Grade A building with premium office design and office renovation will cost HKD $500 – $1200 per sqft.

The lease expensive is office renovation cost for a Grade A building with Economy office design and renovation will cost HKD $500-$700 per sqft.

Contact us if you would like more information office renovation cost for other types of buildings.

When calculating office renovation cost remember to include nominated contractors | Hong Kong

Tenants are able to appoint their desired contractors for their renovation projects. If you wish to alter the A/C, plumbing or fire sprinklers, MJPM will work with the buildings nominated contractors to synchronize project objectives to ensure timely and successful completion.

Office renovation contractors can directly impact your office renovation cost | Hong Kong

I’m going to discuss a few reasons why you need to find a main contractor as a single point of contact. This main contractor should manage all your sub contractors.

Firstly, if you choose separate contractors, your interests may not necessarily be their top priority. The architect and designer may have a conflict of interest and this will cause you to have troubles.

Secondly, if the right contractor manages all your needs in one place you can ensure you are receiving the attention you need. This will minimize conflict of interest between outsourced contractors and keep your priorities first.

Lastly, and most importantly, find a firm that has a reputable track record such as MJPM Design and Build. This will ensure your costs remain within budget and your project is delivered on time.

Therefore, its important to find a transparent, trustworthy firm.

Partner with MJPM for your Office Renovation Project | Hong Kong

MJPM Design and Build prides itself in cost transparency and industry expertise. We build long term relationships with our clients and provide after project support and maintenance. We are a trusted and reputable brand with a strong client base. Reach out to MJPM Design and Build to see how we can help with your office renovation projects.

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